We believe that sharing with people builds relationships and strengthens community resiliance.

- Organic/local sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, sugar, etc)
- Twist Brand Loofah Sponges
- Handmade/fun medium-sized tea cups (we love potters' "seconds").
- Tinctures, salves and more.
- Milk and cream (organic/raw/local)
- Essential oils - Lavendar, Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, etc.

- A mechanic/shop to help us rebuild the motor.
- 1" to 2" diameter salvaged copper pipe and fittings.
- Water filters(Doulton Ultracarb 10" candle)
- Racor fuel filters (2040tm, 2040sm, 2040n-02, 2040n-10 filter elements).
- Blue Shop Towels (heavy duty paper towels).

- Homegrown, home-canned, and excess (organic?) foodstuff
- Sprouting seeds (organic?)
- FIREWOOD (small dry scrapwood/hardwoods)

CONTACT US for more ideas of things to share!


Consider gifting on a monthly basis,
or for a specific need
- Stickers ($200/year)
- Water Filters ($35, twice per year)
- Vegetable Oil Filters ($20/month)
- Biocompatible soap ($30/year)
- Oil Change ($60, twice per year)
- Miscellaneous (your choice up to $500)

Please contact us before making larger donations.

See FAQs for more info on our money philosophy.

- Share with tea bus guests via the Gift &Take.
- Host your own free tea party
- Commit a random act of kindness.

Why does sharing with a stranger help the teabus?
We believe that sharing creates resiliancy in communities in which we can all thrive.



The Free Tea Party chooses to associate with companies because of their commitment to health, social justice, and environmental awareness.


Providing the Free Tea Party with more than just tea, Mountain Rose Herbs focuses on organic and high quality products like herbs, teas, and oils. They are a zero waste company and are involved in many sustainability projects.

Their contribution to the Free Tea Party has been constant request-based donations, including a large amount of loose leaf organic teas, matcha, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, tea infusers, stickers, magnets, herb books, and hundreds of "Make Tea, Not war" bumper stickers. Thanks, Irene!

Click here for their official website. Please mention the Tea Bus when ordering!


Organic India is known most widely for it's Tulsi Tea line of teas, but they offer other products too. With an excellent respect for the environment, community, health, service, quality products, and rural farmers in India, they are a blessed donor for the Free Tea Party.

Their contribution to the Free Tea Party has been many boxes of their Tulsi teas, both loose leaf and bagged, as well as a vow of continual support. Thanks Heather!

Click here for their website. Please mention the Tea Bus when ordering!




WishGarden Herbal Remedies is an independent, woman-owned, family-run, community-conscious business devoted to helping people achieve health and balance through the use of natural medicinal botanicals, oils, salves, and teas.

I can't imagine a better partner for the tea bus than these folks!

Their contibution to the tea bus was a box of a couple dozen of their best tinctures. Thanks, Anna!

Click here for their website. Please mention the tea bus when ordering!


Eco Teas is known mostly for their organic unsmoked Yerba Mate, but they also sell blends that include Rooibos and Tulsi (sourced from Organic India). I am happy to say that their company is small and grassroots, dedicated to providing high quality organic and fair trade teas.

Their contributions to the Free Tea Party have included several big boxes of good ol' Yerba Mate, Holy Mate, and Rooibos teas, as well as many slightly damaged gourds and small bombillas. Thanks Brendan and Bethany!

Click here for their website. Please mention the Tea Bus when ordering!


Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are synonymous with Old-World quality and time-honored simplicity, a soap-making tradition that can be traced back to 1858. Renowned for their quality, versatility and eco-friendliness, Dr. Bronner's continues to make our unsurpassed soaps with care and integrity.

Their contribution to the tea bus has been several large bottles of their wonderful soaps, as well as some hand soap samples to share along the way. Thanks, Lisa and Ryan!

Click here for their website. Please mention the tea bus when ordering!



The Resource Conservation Group, LLC is a Los Angeles-based wood salvage company. Their specialty is flooring, but they also carry products like dimensional lumber. All their wood is reclaimed and sold to you in order to help your building projects be a bit more green. Oh, and they are located next to The Reuse People, which also a great resource to get salvaged building materials.

Their contribution to the Free Tea Party was over 80 sq. ft. of pre-WWII Douglas Fir wood flooring - enough to floor the whole bus! Thanks Doug!

Click here for their official website.


Catherine Moore creates amazing artwork for her Character Constructions. Her work, and especially the Mad Tea Party Collection, perfectly embodies the idea of the Free Tea Party and gives this website the feel that it needs.

Her contribution to the Free Tea Party has been all the amazing art you see throughout these webpages free of charge. Thanks Catherine!

Click here for her website.


Kelly Kettle is a family owned business out of Ireland that specialzes in making super-efficient rocket-stove-like kettles that run off any dry fuel (sticks, pinecones, dung, etc). Using a water jacket aroung the fire and chimney, they can heat water super fast. Adapters can be added as well to allow cooking.

Their contribution to the Free Tea Party was a complete stainless Kelly Kettle kit. Thanks, Glen!

Click here for their website. Please mention the Tea Bus when ordering!


Eneron's mission is to provide innovative solutions enhancing energy efficiency in kitchens to make positive impacts in our life and the environment for the future. They make a whole line of pots, pans, and a tea kettle that have a heat sink on the bottom to increase surface area, and thus make things heat faster. They work quite well, actually.

Their Contribution to the Free Tea Party was a stainless tea kettle with a heat sink on the bottom. Thanks, Lee!

Click here for their official website. Please mention the Tea Bus when ordering!



AK Press - Books
Asi Tea - Lots of Yaupon Tea and a couple shirts!
Bennett's Honey Farm - Fillmore, CA - Honey and facility tour.
Dr. Bronner's - Soap
Dream Inspired Design - Long Beach, CA - Eco-friendly printing of SHARE CARDS.
Earth First! - Stickers and publications
Enbi Studio - Amazing tea cups.
Herb Rally - Organic dendelion t-shirt!
Isla Botanica - San Juan Island, WA - Delicious tea and tinctures, secret chai recipe (Don't ask - I wont give it to you!)
Peace Monger - COEXIST products - All sorts of peace stickers (Mad love, Jerry!)
Peace Supplies - Tuscon, AZ - Stickers and discount sticker printing
Purple Owl Botanicals &Teas - Steamboat Springs, CO - Several of their unique tea blends, samples, etc.
Runa Tea - Broooklyn, NY - Amazing amount of different Guayusa and blends. Thanks, Nick!
Scurfield Solar - Eureka, CA - Wholesale price on solar charge controller, cheap wire and connectors, solar advice
The Steeping Leaf - Telluride, CO - Several wonderful unique tea blends, make-your-own tea bags, and some steepers
Vastu Chai - Canmore, Alberta - A HUGE box of Chai Masala, Green Chai Masala, and White Tea, t-shirt (make chai, not war)
Yoko Tea - Santa Barbara, CA - Many teas, a glass tea tumbler, an infuser, make-your-own tea bags and lots of love.
Zhena's Gypsy Tea - Ojai, CA - Our first tea sponsor! Thay have given many many teas.



Other significant thanks goes out to (in no particular order):

Beth Spadafora - Supporter, mother, and friend.
Scott Spadafora - Father, who's thumbs up on the bus was enough to make me feel comfortable on all levels to buy it.
All the wonderful anonymous donors.
Edward Sanders - Master designer, creator, metal worker, painter and shop supervisor.
Jim Dziura - For everything! Bop Bop!!!
Levi Ross - Supporter, encylopedia of technical knowledge.
Sara Laimon - Sponsor outreach representative and second mother.
Owen Cheevers - Friend, community activist, and fellow tea server.
Paul Spencer - Vehicle advisor and super volunteer mechanic.
Aaron - Alternative fuel vehicle experimentor extraordinaire, advisor, shop supervisor, painter, and friend.
Emily - Advisor on wood, flooring, and waxing.
The whole LA crew (Bobby, Robert, Nina, Sara, Anaisabel, Anibal, Thais, Rulo, Gege, Chase, etc.) - for supporting, and partaking in, the Tea Party vision.
Craig - For creating a List, which in turn help me find Edna and other presents for her.
Stephanie and the whole Andrews Family - For food, shelter, showers, supplies, building materials, tools, and love.
Joe Duckett - Shop provider, advice giver, and friend.
Ric Morrisonn - Metalworking guru, teacher, shop provider, and friend
Hans - For the solar hookup!
Perry Bressman - For providing so much (showers, place to park, friendship)
Peggy M. - Serious second (or third or fourth) mother, supporter, sponsor outreach, etc. Mad love!

Abby, Jenna, Caitlin, and Caitlyn (the house of)
Abigail and the whole Kahler Family
Adrienne B.
Akenaton, Amanda and the whole Medicine Tree Family
Alex A.
Alisha T.
Ally and the whole Rugge Family
Amanda C.
Amanda T. and Isla Botanica
Amanda S. (Tea wench!)
Amiel and Hallie
Andrea of Summer Meltdown
Andrew K.
Andrew Moore and his family
Annie at Pollinator Handmade
Artemisia and Bodhi
Arturo and Ana of Communi-tea Culture
Ashley L.
Aunde at Celtic Herbcraft
Aunt Janet and her woolen mill
Autumn F.
Becca and Nate at Island Hoppin' Brewery
Bob and Nan Sea
Bootstrap Juicebox
Brad at Yoko Tea
Brendan and Bethany at Eco Teas
Bridget, Dango, Dan, Bonnie, Sage and everyone with Elephant Revival
Califa, Sara, Greg, Robert, Jonathan, and the Weiss Family
Casa Robino
Catherine Moore
Chris E.
Chris Prelitz
Cindy at the Cosmic Shed
All the folks with Common Vision
All our craigslist ridesharers
Dana B.
Daniel G. of Chicza
Dara and Moss
Darcy C.
Daruka (and his mom)
David K.
David W.
Doug at the Resource Conservation Group
That drunk guy in Arcata
Elise of Terra Vita
Eric E.
Eugene the drummer
Evan, Krissy, Ann, Max, Meg, Jeff, Chelsea, Bridget and everyone at The Ecology Center
Gary G.
Gary H.
Glen at Kelly Kettle
Gopi Kallayil
Grammie and Papap
Grandma and Grandpa
Gregory and the whole Cavallaro family
Greta Grizz and MASHH
Hanuman and the Organic Grace folks
Heather at Organic India
Ilan S.
Irene, Marshe', Erin, Thomas, Sean, Julie, Mike, Mason, and all the people at Mountain Rose Herbs
Islando and Heather
Jaime and Andrea at Zhena's Gyspy Tea
Jeff D. (Broner)
Jeffree Alan
Jesse B.
Jessica at Purple Owl Botanicals
Jodi, Adam, and Willow
Joe and Kelli
Jon W. and Megan
Jon U.
Josh H.
Josh R. on Lopez
Josh S.
The Juggling Jollies
Julian de R.
Kaori and Jake on Natural OC
Kara at Oregon Country Fair
Katie and Jules
Kelly and the three generations of Young's Market
Kelly C.
Kelly H.
Kerri C.
KJ of The Do Lab
Kyle at West Coast Sailing
Kyra and Sea Leaf Tea
Lefty in Hollywood
Lily Luck
Lee at Eneron
The Leeds Family in Laguna
Lookout Arts Quarry (and all the individuals there!)
Lorna at AK Press
Lorna from Herbalista
Malcolm S.
Maria M.
Mark at Bakery San Juan
Mark Lakeman
Mason (and Amelia)
Matt and Ronnie
Matthew M. and Steph
Mikey and Missy B
Mister E
Misty in Hollywood
Natalia in Berkeley
Nikki and Garret
The Oasis in Bellingham
The Orchard ouside Santa Cruz
Pat G.
Patty G.
Pepper Proud
Pete K.
Phillip in Flagstaff
Polka Madre
Randall and Lisa at Fireside Farm
Raven and Ronnie
Ray in Porland
Rene at the Erotic Museum
Ric and Joan
Rich in Arcata
Rosa and Grisha
Rowan N. and his Fam!
Rudi B.
Ryan and Michelle of America ByCycle
Shana G.
Shawn O.
The Shook Twins
Snake in Hollywood
All the folks at SOKA University
Stephanie C.
Steven R.
Susan in Greensboro
Susie at Bennett's Honey Farm
Sylvia and the Poareo Family
Tea Q.
Tom and Mas
Ms. Tracy
That trucker outside Salt Lake City
Uncle Paul
Winston H,
Whit and the Funhouse
Will of Bici Arte
Wolf and Kiva of Herb Folk Gathering


Aaron’s Autobody
Acorn Community
Ally Rugge
America ByCycle
Andrew Dahl-Brenin
Anneliese School
Arts Alive! Eureka
Asi Yaupon Tea
Aunt Janet’s Woolen Mill
Bear Creek Studio
Bennett Honey Farm
Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture
Blues Recess Massive Festival
Bootstrap Juicebox
Brooklyn Free Store
Bus Fest
Caitlin Jemma
Califa Coyotea
Camp Woolman
Carolina Friends School
Casa Robino
Case Conover
Catherine Moore
Celtic Herbcraft
City Repair and the T-Horse
Common Vision
Communi-Tea Culture
Contraparatus One Man Band
The Cosmic Shed
Crimson Sage Nursery
Downtown Santa Ana Farmers’ Market
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
Dream Inspired Design
Earthroots Field School
Eco Teas
The Ecology Center
Electric Powered Oddysey
Elephant Revival
Enbi Studio
Farm To Market
Fermentaion on Wheels
Fireside Farm
Food Not Bombs (Eureka, Berkeley, Taos)
Free Farm Stand
Free Herbalism Project
Fremont Market
The Funhouse
The Hanuman Temple, Taos
Harper Poesy
The Herb Bus AKA Herbalista Free Clinic
Herb Folk Gathering
Hostel in the Forest
Humboldt Made Fair
Isla Botanica
Island Hoppin’ Brewery
Island Rec’s Touch-a-Truck
Islands’ Village Faire
Ithaka Community House
Jim Dziura
Jorgan Harle
Kelly Kettle USA
Koha Yoga
Kurley Fries
Lightfoot Sustainable Post
Lightning in a Bottle Festival
Lookout Arts Quarry
Lost Valley Educational Center
Manila Anarchist Book Fair
March Against Monsanto
Marfa Public Radio
Miracle at Wabash and Union
Mother Earth News
Mother Earth News Fair
Mountain Rose Herbs
Nature Joe
Navigator Stoveworks
National School of Natural Medicine
New York Times
Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy
Occupy Oakland
Orcas Island Sustainability Fair
Organic India
Panhe Festival
Peace Monger
Peace Supplies
Pepper Proud
Pollinator Handmade
Portland Fire Department – Station ???
Purple Owl Botanicals & Teas
The ReStore Albuquerque
Reed College
Resource Conservation Group
Ric Morrisonn
Rootstalk Festival
Runa Tea
Saddleback College
Sea Leaf Tea
Scurfield Solar
Sh’Bang Festival
Shook Twins
Silva Acres Disc Golf Course
Soka Instructional Garden
Solflower Bakery
Stanford Storytelling Project
The Steeping Leaf Telluride
Steve Roberts
Sweet Earth Farm
Taos Herb Company
Teen Night at The Funhouse
Tera Vita Herbalism Symposium
Terlingua Farmers' Market
Tuesday Night Music at Brickworks
Travels with Benji
Summer Meltdown Festival
Vastu Chai
We Share the Same Stomach
West Coast Live
WishGarden Herbs
Yoga Bungalow
Yoga on the Bluff
Yoko Tea
Zeitgeist on Wheels
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea












































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